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Women’s Writing Circles Begin Mid-September!

August 12th, 2023 — 4:04pm

Friends, some news! In mid-September, I will begin offering once-a-week women’s writing circles — one in my home in Berkeley and another on Zoom. 


Women’s Writing Circles offer a simple and beautiful process to meet our true selves on the page: I read a poem, we take a line of poetry as our inspirational prompt, then we write, ten minutes with pen and paper, pen doesn’t leave the page. We write, we read, we listen, we don’t comment, we simply support, and we move on to the next prompt. That’s it. This practice is as simple as it is deep, offering us a safe and loving space to meet our authentic selves in a community of supportive, soulful women.


Once-a-week online evening class begin Thursday, September 14, 6:30 to 8:00 pm PST, and once-a-week in-person classes in my Berkeley home start Friday, September 15, 10 am to noon PST. Classes run for 8 weeks. I keep classes intentionally intimate, currently accepting no more than eight people per class. Both classes are currently half full.


This process lets you know yourself more intimately and deeply with open arms. It brings your truth home. It’s freeing. In my own life, it has increased my capacity for kindness and joy, and has shown me how to live with greater understanding, less judgment, and deeper appreciation for what it means to be human. It is an honor for me to know people more deeply through their stories. Deep bow to my dear friend and teacher, Laurie Wagner, for teaching me this Wild Writing practice.

Open Invitation:

You don’t need to be a writer or want to be a writer to join. You simply write (and that’s what writers do anyway). No labels, no categories, but an open invitation to be who you are. 

Does this resonate?

Happy to answer any questions! Message me, or email me for more info: More info also at

Love, Dayna

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