Ravenous is among the most engaging, fun and insightful books about appetite you'll ever read.
--Sue Halpern, author of Can't Remember What I Forgot
Macy's writing is strong and beautiful, every page filled with risk and integrity.
--Kim Chernin, author of In My Mother’s House

I would write with Dayna every day if I could! She is a fierce voice in this world who has the unique ability to hold compassionate space for her students to explore their inner world and stories. Dayna is not afraid to be vulnerable, which is a special thing this day in age, especially among teachers and facilitators. This, and her natural kindness and enthusiasm make a wonderful, safe, and energizing environment for her students. — McKenzie Z. 

Every week I sit in Dayna’s intimate women’s writing circle to awaken my heart. Under her skillful and compassionate guidance, we write, pen to paper, giving our hearts space to open to whatever arises, whatever is true. Writing with Dayna is magic, pure soul alchemy, a way to meet yourself, raw and unfiltered. To write in her presence is to sit with the energy, wisdom, love and laughter that comes from a life lived with an awakening heart. — Chrisandra F.

Wild writing with Dayna is so freeing! There is just enough structure to settle my spirit, and infinite allowance for whatever comes. My writing from these sessions have surprised and opened me. — Elizabeth B.

Every Friday morning for eight weeks, I sat around Dayna’s kitchen table in the company of other writers and felt embraced with love, care  and compassion.  Together we created a community of vulnerability and honesty.  I felt understood, acknowledged and seen.  — Jill A.

Writing with Dayna is giving me courage to open up something I locked away decades ago. — Beth W.

After only a couple sessions, Dayna’s writing class became the highlight of my week! She is an expert at creating a safe, creative space where you can leave your inner critic at the door and just write from the heart! I look forward to the next round of classes! — Koii B. 

Dayna’s Women’s Writing Circles are a gift. Each class is a journey, offering a wonderful, generous, non-judgmental opportunity to discover and embrace your authentic voice. Listening to Dayna’s lovely, melodic voice while hearing the poems she selected, then sharing our words is nothing less than beautiful. — Pamela S.

Dayna’s Women’s Writing Circle is a safe place to explore and express locked thoughts and emotions. Her selection of poems, expressed in her melodic, and occasionally humorous, voice will give wings to your soul. — Andrea S.

I found this writing technique to be transformative. It uncovered a voice within me I hadn’t known. All the poems Dayna selects are thought provoking, her jump off lines are well chosen and her leadership style is captivating. I was fascinated by my ability to push past my inner critic and ego, allowing me to conjure up stories and memories I’ve not tapped into for years. Also, it was moving to read out loud my writing to a small, supportive group of non-judgmental listeners. For me, this writing approach was extremely therapeutic and a powerful form of self-expression. — Betsy R. 

Dayna’s class re-awakened me to my love for writing. The space she creates is safe and non- judgmental, and Dayna holds it with finesse. Her warm environment allowed me to ask questions and take my writing in directions it had not occurred to me to explore. The class also fostered deep connections and a community among the women. — Rebecca K.