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McCain in his Own Words

February 19th, 2008 — 9:08pm

“President Bush has talked about staying in Iraq for 50 years, maybe 100. That would be fine with me.

A vote for McCain is a vote for:

more Guantanamo

an endless Iraq war

So let’s hear it for the man who sang “Bomb Iran” to the tune of that old Beach Boy’s favorite — Barbara Ann. Vote for McCain, and we could be singing that song for decades.

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February 19th, 2008 — 8:56pm

I was in my local market the other day and saw a display case filled with raw foods from restaurateur Roxanne Klein, whose former restaurant, Roxanne’s, brought gourmet raw food to the Bay Area (yes, there is such a thing, though it involves a lot of chewing). I saw tiny box of organic, sprouted almonds, four ounces for nine dollars. I could imagine crunching them, snapping the outer layer while chewing their cream like inner sweetness. I wanted them.

Nine dollars is a lot of money. What, I asked myself, could I put back on the shelf in exchange for these almonds? I’m lucky, I had enough money to buy everything in my basket, but something more was at stake. As I get older, I wrestle more with the “I want it all and I want it now” syndrome — (as in, yes, maybe I ate two dozen olives at dinner but I also want that chocolate for dessert, or, yes, I already own three pairs of black pumps but these are beautiful, etc.)

There’s something not quite wholesome in wanting it all and wanting it now  despite what one might read in glossy magazines. Wanting it all right now is the mark of adolescence. Making choices is being an adult.  It’s good to make choices, because what we choose, in the end, just might matter more.

I returned the Aidell’s sausage, and brought my almonds to the checkout counter. They were as delicious as I imagined.

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February 15th, 2008 — 10:57am

The Köln Concert cover

I took a walk this morning up into the Berkeley Hills where I live. Every walk, I’m learning, is an opportunity to experience the unforeseen.

Today, while listening to Keith Jarrett’s remarkable Koln Concert — it is such a beautiful piece of music — I walked by my yoga teacher Scott Blossom’s house. He saw me from the window, came out, and we had a long talk about pranayama.

I walked on. Met a woman named Saroya and her dog Ruby, and her friend Mike and his old dog Chi Chi, whom I was told is incontinent. I realized how much I miss non-human love, and am seriously thinking about getting a dog.

Walked on. Met a golden retriever named Carmel who was great at catching her master’s pitches. Carmel seemed so happy, so full of life, and watching her, while listening to Jarrett’s magical music, I felt like I had fallen into some great happy movie, except this was my life.

Kept walking. Saw the Richmond Bridge and the Golden Gate from the top of Spruce Street, headed down the hill. I saw a citrus tree with orange fruit. Took one, bit into it. It was a fabulous, tart lime. Ate the whole lime, and part of the skin, too.

Kept going, smelled the first cherry blossoms, and felt my heart soften. Spring is almost here.

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Valentine's Day – Bah! Humbug!

February 13th, 2008 — 8:50pm

I really dislike Valentine’s day. The commercialism of this holiday makes my skin crawl. If love is to be found in red valentine’s, cupids, flowers and perfume, I pass.

No, my husband Scott and I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We do not give each other pre-fabbed gifts, or treacle laden cards. Instead, tomorrow, we’ll do as we’ve done for many years — we’ll share a glass of wine while discussing our mutual dislike of this holiday. Which is why, after nearly 20 years, I’m still in this relationship. We do our best to keep what we have real, and in doing so, my hope is, that in another 20 years, we’ll still be together, once again, not celebrating Valentine’s Day.

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Obama for President

February 4th, 2008 — 7:29pm

I’ve been waffling on who to vote for in the primaries tomorrow, because, incredibly, we have two pretty great candidates to choose from (did I mention I’m a Democrat?) I think Hillary has the chops, the knowledge, and the steel to be President. But she voted for the Iraq war, and, she comes with lots of baggage and paybacks owed from 30 plus years in politics.

I”m voting for Obama. I believe he is the right person for this chapter of our history. He’s obviously smart, eloquent, and a gifted communicator, but even more, I believe he stands a better chance of winning in a general election.

I remember voting for Kerry in the primaries last time, and feeling bored and uninspired. Both these candidates inspire me. And one happens to be a woman, the other a black man. How stupendous is that?

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