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My Old Kitchen

July 26th, 2012 — 10:11am

I actually found a picture of my childhood kitchen on a real estate website. It’s been redone since its old pink and gold days, but the bones are still there. I look at the counter top and remember the ill-fated flan experiment I did with my mother. I look at the oven and remember the salami en croute I tried to make from dough, egg, water, and Hebrew National salami (yes, it tasted as disgusting as it sounds). And the table area where my best friend Pammy and I ate pickle spears wrapped in Kraft singles (after all, this was the ’60s — the golden age of hors d’oeuvres).

Much of my life revolved around that old kitchen. I don’t miss it. But I do feel tender towards the girl who spent so much time in that room, struggling to find herself, and comforting herself through food.

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Katie Holmes

July 11th, 2012 — 7:34pm

Well, that was fast.

It took a mere 11 day to go from filing for divorce from Tom Cruise to a signed agreement. And the only way it could happen that fast is that she nailed his nuts to ground. She did her homework — she filed for divorce in NY where joint legal custody is not a given, she used disposable phones, she used a tracker so her circle knew where she was at all times, she fired anyone on her staff that was remotely connected with Cruise, and she never showed her hand until all the details were sewn up. Then, she dropped the bomb. She planned this meticulously, and she had to, because when you divorce Cruise, it’s not just another celebrity divorce, it’s a jailbreak from a powerful, vengeful cult. And it worked.

Can’t you just hear the cheers?

Katie girl, you did great.

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