Day 3

August 21st, 2011 — 5:37pm

OK – it’s Sunday, and I’m a little shlumpy. No great fashion heights to claim. Gap straight leg jeans, j. crew navy tank with a frilly peplum bottom, white camisole underneath, and a Lands’ End gold cotton cardigan.

No great shakes and yet, I am enjoying this outfit. Why? Because I love color and I love specific combinations, like navy, gold and white. And, since I owned all these clothes, I’m happy to enjoy what I have instead of being perpetually hungry for what I don’t.

Which brings me to lipstick (?!) I joked with a co-worker that I own 10 coral lipsticks. No shit, I do. “How many lips does a girl have?” I asked out loud.

So what was I looking for in the endless quest for the perfect coral? Perhaps the magic shade that would bring out the creaminess in my skin or the green in my eyes, or that would transport me momentarily to a yacht sailing around the coast of Capri. In that same dream, I’m wearing gold sandals, something white and lineny, drinking bubbly, while my turquoise bracelet clinks against the glass. All for the price of a lipstick.

And isn’t that what buying something new does for us? It’s a canvas, a world we create that we can step into and live out a specific dream. For me, coral is fun, alive, and tinged with the good life.

But, if I’m not buying anything new, and that includes lipstick, and, alas, I’m running out of my all time favorite Mac So Chaud, a yummy tomatoey orange that I’ve yet to duplicate elsewhere, what do I do?

I took a q-tip, dug the remainder out of the tube and put it into a tiny container — enough So Chaud for weeks. I may only have two lips but they will be happy lips, living the good life in Capri for the next two weeks.

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