Ravenous is among the most engaging, fun and insightful books about appetite you'll ever read.
--Sue Halpern, author of Can't Remember What I Forgot
Macy's writing is strong and beautiful, every page filled with risk and integrity.
--Kim Chernin, author of In My Mother’s House

About Dayna Macy

In a recent Wild Writing class, our poetry line prompt was “I write because…”

I write because … it shows me who I am, what I think, and what I feel. I write because… it helps me make my way through — through situations, through experiences, through thoughts and feelings. I write in order to be free.

I’ve always been a writer, even when I didn’t think I was one, or a very good one. I’ve written poetry, essays, and a memoir. I was ten years old when I wrote in my journal, “One day I will write a book.” Forty years later I made good on that promise. Ravenous: A Food Lover’s Journey from Obsession to Freedom was my first book. There will be another.

I’ve made my livelihood through my communications work, running the communications departments for media companies including Salon.com, Yoga Journal, Ten Speed Press, Collins Publishers, The Shift Network and more. I’ve worked on books, magazines, websites, in online education — on bestsellers, with world famous athletes, famous chefs (some with peculiar areas of expertise — including the best ways to cook chicken feet and how to repair unmitigated food disasters), activists including a former Black Panther, yoga gurus, experts in psychedelics and altered states, and many other fascinating humans. Through it all I had a commitment to clear writing, clear messaging, and creative communication. I’m proud of all that time in the trenches. And now, welcome Act III.

Which brings me to Women’s Writing Circles. “I write because…” there are parts of myself I want to know better. I write because ….this practice helps me bypass my inner judge to be in the world in a clearer and kinder way. I write because … I want to be radically alive in the time that’s left to me on this gorgeous, sometimes confusing planet.

I write because… life is precious, and I want to continue growing and showing up, with clarity and love.



dayna [at] daynamacy.com

Literary Agent: Stephanie Tade, stade [at] stadeagency.com