Ravenous on Berkeleyside

January 28th, 2011 — 11:53am

I had tea the other day with Sarah Henry, a food writer. Here’s the piece she wrote for our local Berkeley website, berkeleyside.com.

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  1. Johanne

    Hello Dayna,

    Just ordered your book from Amazon. Was very touched by what I’ve heard in your video and read about the relation you had with food and the reasons behind.

    I just posted a note in the T-Tapp forums about your book, thinking it might be a great reading for many women who come and share about LIFE.

    If you don’t know already what T-Tapp is, here is the link for the thread about your book:


    And the link for T-Tapp: http://t-tapp.com/

    T-Tapp is not the “new best thing” about losing weight, it’s a wonderful way of getting healthy and losing weight. It cleans inside-out. Body-Mind-Soul.

    I’m anxious to read your book! And I wanted to say THANK YOU in advance because I’m sure it will be an amazing one.


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