The Universe Delivers

May 13th, 2008 — 7:21pm

Say what you want, but I believe that if you really need something in your life, the universe delivers.

I’ve been thinking, for at least a year now, that I need to begin a meditation practice to augment my yoga practice. My life is pretty busy, and work is sometimes chaotic. It’s always helpful if you can find the calm in the middle of a storm.

So when I bumped into my dear friend Jennifer last week and told her how much I wanted to learn to meditate, she asked, “what are you doing later?” Turns out, Jennifer wants to become a meditation teacher. And I became her first student.

She came over, and as I fidgeted, checked my watched, (and almost checked my email), she made sure I found a comfortable seated position (for me, it’s a chair). I was impressed by the care she took with this — she takes meditation seriously. And so I told myself to slow down and pay attention to what she had say. She taught me a simple technique in which you count backwards from 50 by twos, with every exhale on the even count. At the count of 20, pause, and then switch to an in/out breath for each count. When you get to one, you then simply sit and breathe.

What happened next was surprising and profound. I fell into such a deep state of relaxation, it was almost like falling into another reality. We sat only for ten minutes, but they were a great ten minutes. She asked me to do this every day, and so far, I have.

What I’m after is learning to sit with what is, and not hide, turn away, or distract myself (People Magazine anyone?) We can fritter lifetimes away with distraction and I don’t want to fritter mine.

I’m off to the Yoga Journal Boston Conference, teaching a class with Bo Forbes on how yoga can help wake you up around what and how you eat. I say teach, but really, I’m there to learn. It’s a Q&A — I’ll do the Q and Bo will do the A.

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  1. hari

    Hey Dayna,
    I want to share with you , that I am a believer , and even as abeliever i needed that sence of deep connection, and I found it at DHYAN FOUNDATION, it is based in New Delhi, BUT it is going to have its WORKSHOP in Dracut near BOSTON. see link below,

    YOGI ASHWINI our guiding light ,formulated the Sanatan Kriya. This kriya works….thats all i can say at this stage…

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