"You Know Just How I Feel."

April 1st, 2008 — 8:58pm

I’ve been getting some good responses to my Handstand article in the current issue of Yoga Journal. Today, a woman who does freelance copy editing for us told me that she, too, was not only afraid of kicking into the pose, but felt embarrassed because she still couldn’t do it. She felt deflated, and worried what others thought of her yoga.

Growing older, I know that feeling. I study mainly at work, where much of the staff is younger than me. Vinyasa flow is getting harder, getting up from deep lunges harder still. It’s humbling to age. But, it can force a deeper relationship to yoga practice. Why do I come to the mat at all? Because showing up as important as what I do on the mat.

I’m off to Boulder for a few days. Backpacker, one of the magazines I work for, is located there. I love Boulder — in some way it is a kindred spirit to Berkeley, where I live.

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  1. Indira Murray

    This article is very informative for us who also fear handstand. My reason for fearing handstand is alignment and I am blind in one eye. I am a yoga instructor and I am an alumni of the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. I went through the home study program which is really great. But I do not do poses that I do not have those detailed blow 2 blow instructions. And our program for a home study is very detailed, but I need more. And when I am on a retreat with my excellent teacher Kim Schwartz he gives me just what I need.

    Your teachers gave me what I need such as the breathing technique, the trapezius was just great references. So now I can listen to my teacher on tape and do all those integral references I need to focus on my body.

    Alignment and awareness is key….thanks for your revelation and journey.

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