Ravenous is among the most engaging, fun and insightful books about appetite you'll ever read.
--Sue Halpern, author of Can't Remember What I Forgot
Macy's writing is strong and beautiful, every page filled with risk and integrity.
--Kim Chernin, author of In My Mother’s House

It is my honor and joy to welcome you to Wild Writing!

Wild Writing is a simple and beautiful practice which helps us know ourselves and the world around us better, with greater clarity and kindness—a practice which helps us show up more authentically the world. 

First things first: You don’t have to be a writer (or aspire to be a one) to join! In fact, as my dear friend and mentor Laurie Wagner often tells us, “Write as poorly as possible. We already love you!” So come as you are. There is nothing to prove. All you need is paper, a pen, a little curiosity, and a desire to be in a community of supportive, like-minded, soulful women.

What it is and how it works:

We start class with a technique called “Story Slices” where we describe very briefly something that we recently observed. This gets us warmed up to the practice of specific observation, the foundation for our work.

Then I read the first of three poems. We use a line from that poem as a prompt, and then we write quickly, steadily for about ten minutes, pen never leaving the page. Writing quickly is a great tool to bypass our inner critic and get a lot of words on the page, our pens leading us bravely to where our souls yearn to go.

Then we take turns reading our pieces. We don’t talk about what we wrote, we don’t explain, we don’t comment on anyone’s writing, we simply say thank you and move on. Our circle is sacred, confidential and safe. We learn about ourselves not only through our writing but also by simply being human together, witnessing each other and supporting each other as we realize we are not alone in this messy, amazing journey we call Life.

When: Classes start mid-September 2023. I will teach one evening class online and one daytime class in my home in the Bay Area (specific dates and times to come soon). Classes run 1.5 hours for 7 weeks. I keep classes intentionally intimate, currently accepting no more than six people per class. Each class series is $315.00. If tuition is a challenge, please reach out.

I fell in love with this practice and it is changing my life. I love how accessible it is, I love letting my hair down and digging into the weeds of my own sometimes messy life, and opening doors to rooms in myself I didn’t even know were there. I understand myself better, I notice the world around me a little more more clearly, I’m showing up more authentically, I’m kinder towards myself and others, I feel more grounded, and more alive.

If this  strikes a chord in you, I hope you’ll join me!  Please feel free to reach out with any questions you have. Email me at dayna [at] daynamacy.com And if you’d like to know a little more about me, what inspires me and what rocks my world, you can read more about me here.