Day 1 of 30-Day Challenge

August 20th, 2011 — 9:54am

Well, first of all, I now have a huge amount of respect for the work of photographers. When I look at fashion pages in magazines and the clothes look so yummy you could eat them, I now realize how difficult that feat is. When I tried to photograph my clothes artfully placed on my, um, bed, they just looked wrinkled, shlumpy, and utterly unappetizing.

So, I’m wearing them instead.

Here is my outfit on day one:

It’s a variation of what I often wear when I’m not at work — army green cargoes and a black sweater, a combination I find very pleasing. In this case, Cynthia Steffee cargo pants, a Lands End cashmere cardigan, a Martin & Osa (now out of business) white burnout t-shirt, my fabulous Faryl Robin combat boots (oh I love them so!) and a red American Leather hobo bag (I decided the outfit needed a pop of color). And, what you can’t see, is an old silver cuff bracelet I bought on a beach in Mexico. I feel comfortable, and with my non-elastic-waisted pants combined with combat boots, I don’t even feel that middle-aged.

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