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February 10th, 2011 — 5:46pm

When you publish a book, you send it out in to the world, work hard to let people know about it, and hope for the best. Ultimately, you do not have control over who reviews it or how many copies it sells.

Which is why I made myself a promise from the very start that I would be embrace all the good things that come my way, big and small, and be grateful for them.

Last night was one such great moment. At my reading at Book Passage in the Ferry Building in SF, the store manager, Ron, got up to introduce me. He said that the best memoirs are those that help us reflect on our families and our lives, and then proceeded to read a few pages from my chapter on a Passover seder. Ron is in his sixties and is Asian, and as he began to read, he began to cry, and then I began to cry. Because it was such a gift to me to see that my words could move another person. He is a lovely man and Book Passage is a wonderful store. Here are some photos:

This is my book displayed against the setting sun with the Bay Bridge in the background (cue the trumpets).

Here is me reading. (I forgot my reading glasses and had to borrow a pair from the store).

Let us praise and support independent bookstores!

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  1. Shilpi Chawla

    Hi Dayna,

    Thank you for sharing your true feelings with respect to publishing.

    Wonderful work.

    All the best.

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