Here's a Guitar. Be a Hero

April 20th, 2010 — 6:12pm

We had some fine folks over for dinner last week: Stephanie Snyder, a wonderful yoga teacher who is featured in Yoga Journal’s “Yoga for Strength and Toning” DVD, and her husband, Lars Frederiksen of the punk band Rancid. Stephanie and I bonded over our common love of folk music and yoga, and our husbands’ love of punk. I wanted to get Lars and Scott together, so they could discuss punk arcana (Lord knows I can’t), which they did with unabashed joy. “It’s a punk nerd convention” Lars said, laughing, as I served the noodles.

Lars told us this great story. He was touring with the great Billy Bragg, who said that his son wanted to get Guitar Hero.

Instead, Bragg handed him a guitar and said, “Here’s a guitar. Be a hero.”

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