New York, Books, Farms, and Lightening

August 27th, 2009 — 6:34pm

I just got back from New York. While visiting my niece on the upper West Side, I got caught in the mother of all lightening storms. Check out these photos from a friend of a friend.

I also visited the Pfeiffer Center at Three Fold Farm, the first biodynamic farm in the United States — only a mile from where I grew up. But I didn’t even know it was there! All I knew is that the meandering street, aptly named Hungry Hollow Road, called to me. I interviewed the head gardener, Mac Mead, and had the chance to climb up into an old hayloft filled with bales of warm hay and rusted pitchforks. When I got to the top, all I could see was rolling hills. This world was next to me the whole while growing up, and it took 40 years for me to finally discover it.

I also met with my book editor, Patty Gift who is lovely, smart, and kind to this nervous first time author! I told her my big hope for my book was that it would be compulsively readable. That seems like a pretty good goal.

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