A Perfect Day – Un Dia Perfecto

February 10th, 2009 — 3:13pm

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I recently had a perfect day. I spent a few days with my family in Mexico, at the Hacienda San Antonio, about 25 minutes from Colima.

We took a picnic at the base of Volcano de Fuego. The kind people at the Hacienda created an almost movie-like tableau for us — a rough hewn table on a kilim rug, table set with blue glassware and festive linens. They grilled meat, chicken, and corn, served us gazpacho and polenta orange cake. And whenever my margarita was empty, a wonderful man named Sergio refilled it with Tequila made from local agave plants. I could swear he was trying to get me soused.

The picnic was in a giant meadow. The sky was perfectly blue, the breeze warm.  We saw a rattlesnake, a bull (all far enough away from us), cows, and hawks. After lunch, we rested on a carpet they had placed nearby, with giant stuffed white linen pillows. The boys batted at a pinata, finally breaking it (there was a clay pot inside that made it hard), stuffing their mouths with endless pieces of candy.

We were all completely happy.

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