Yoga Journal at the Democratic National Convention

August 26th, 2008 — 9:47am

I got a call a few days ago from’s talented editorial director, Andrea Kowalski. She tells me we’re sending a blogger to the DNC, and could I send a press release out on it. “Oy,” I thought, “If anyone at all writes about it, it will be to make fun of it.” But send I did.

Leah Garchik wrote about it in her column today, sharing my fear of being lampooned by New York press. LA Times will write about. And, I hear, Newsweek.

The blogger, Sara Avant Stovers, first dispatch, from the Convention manages to mention New York Times reporter David Carr, Daryl Hannah, and Bobby Kennedy in the same breath. Pretty cool.

So though I fear yoga will be made fun of, I also know that press is press. And if anyone dares ask me if yoga is more Democratic than Republican (I mean really, can you imagine John McCain in any yoga position?), I’ll tell them the practice predates the political parties by, oh, at least 4500 years.

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