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August 22nd, 2008 — 3:33pm

I’ve noticed, without planning or trying, that every August I clean out my closet. Not such exciting news, but this year, my annual closet cleaning gave me an unanticipated gift.

I not only found some clothes I really liked but had forgotten I owned, I also realized how many lovely things I have. Instead of my chronic case of the “gimmees,” and “let’s shop!” I felt like I have enough. My closet wasn’t lacking anything (except a great pair of gray slacks). I have plenty and don’t’ need to keep filling it (and myself) up with more stuff.

I’ll try to remember that.

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  1. Ruah

    Greetings Dayna,

    I hope this finds you well and healthy! Congratulations on cleaning out your closet! I am a born and raised NYer who was raised in an environment that appreciated the ethic of bargain-hunting which often led to a full closet. Through yoga I do my best to practice sutra 1.12-16 non-attachment or vairagya, and at the very least agree to my husbands rule of balance, “for every purchased item, one item is donated.”

    I am also writing to you because I came across your name on YJ and here on your blog after being questioned by a colleague if I had ever considered doing yoga modeling. Do you have any leads on how to pursue that path?

    Otherwise, do you think yoga journal would ever consider doing a story on an up and coming yoga teacher and her path from finding yoga and meditation while living in Senegal, West Africa to living in France, then back in NYC in the world of investment banking then private language schools, then doing graduate research and teaching yoga in Sri Lanka, finally working in raising money for the underprivileged NYers through the nonprofit industry all while teaching yoga? For more details you can see my blogs: or

    Thank you for your time and consideration – I understand this request is perhaps amongst the thousands or even millions of messages you receive. However, I had to pursue the potential serendipitous crossing of email paths here – I did afterall meet my own husband on the L train in NYC, so I tend to stick with my gut feeling and give anything with a glimmer of hope a chance!

    Shanti & Mangala,


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