Grace Kelly

May 3rd, 2008 — 7:30pm

Not the actress and princess. The 15 year old sax player. She’s pretty great. Here’s a video of her playing with guitar virtuoso Russell Malone, holding her own.

I’ve been swamped of late, hence the lack of blogging. My family and I went to Sea Ranch two weeks ago, and it was a great joy to see my children jump on boulders as the waves licked the shore.

Then, two days ago, one of the three magazines I work for, Backpacker, won the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. That is a pretty big deal, and I had the honor of writing up the winning release. It was a happy moment for all.

I’m also working on a bunch of other projects, including the upcoming Yoga Journal Boston Conference, where I am handling the PR, as well as teaching a class with Bo Forbes, a wonderful yoga teacher and therapist, on the Yoga of Food. We’ll hold a discussion about how yoga affects your awareness of your body, and how to bring that into how we nourish ourselves through food. That’s coming up on May 20th in Boston.

Only other things to report is that I am still grooving on Burt Bachrach. He makes my heart flutter.

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