Barack and Mike

January 4th, 2008 — 1:38pm


A few months ago, I wrote that Obama had an aura of invincibility around him. But I regretted writing those words, because a year is a very long time in national politics.

Yet he won last in Iowa last night, and I found myself amazed, delighted, and heartened that maybe, just maybe, this country was ready to elect an African-American President.

In some ways, both Huckabee and Obama represent the essence of what their parties stand for. Huckabee represents allegiance to the evangelical base (with no knowledge of international affairs — as my husband Scott writes in his blog –“that worked so well last time!”) Obama represents renewals and change.

I do not underestimate Hillari Clinton. She’s a formidable adversary. But I’m putting my money on Obama getting the nomination.

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