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November 12th, 2007 — 7:15pm

Rosie O’Donnell’s negotiations with MSNBC for a show fell through. So she is videoblogging. I watched her clip today [one day I will learn to link] — and I found her — unmade up, coughing, sneezing and all — riveting. (I also think she’s a gay man in a gay woman’s body). It’s so potent when a person speaks directly, and speaks her truth.

She was reading letters from readers. One said that the anger people see in her is justifiable anger for the state of the world. If you’re not angry with the way things are, especially in the United States, she says, you are definitely not payng attention. Marshall Law comes next.

She talks about this administration’s horrific crimes against our civil liberties and our Constitution, how this senseless war must end, and that the people behind these war crimes be held accountable. Are we unpatriotic because we ask questions?
What is it about an angry woman that raises people’s ire and makes them want to run for the hills? Lord knows there are plenty of angry men around, but an angry woman? Just call her crazy, a bitch, or a harpie.

Rosie is angry. I am angry. If you love this country, you’ll be angry too.

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