Chinese Long Beans

August 25th, 2007 — 8:20am

I received in my Full Belly CSA box this week and bunch of gorgeous, slightly weird Chinese Long Beans. They are over a foot long each and thin, a spectacular combination of dark eggplant color and lime green. (You can see a picture of them at
Every Full Belly Box comes with a newsletter and the one accompanying this week’s had a missive written by an intern, Erin Bullock, who was in charge of Full Belly’s Long Bean crop.

She describes in precise and delightful detail a battle of life and death — aphids vs. ladybugs (the ladybugs won! Go organic!), equipment breakdowns, and drought, but in the end, she (and her 3000 bean plants prevailed and we, the members of Full Belly, are the grateful recipients of her hard work (and good writing).

I sauteed them in a cast iron pan with olive oil, garlic and soy sauce, and ate them for breakfast. They were delicious.

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