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June 15th, 2015 — 11:05am

I got an email today from a yoga teacher and writer which began like this: “I am a huge fan of your journey both as a yogi and as a writer. That you have used yoga as a way to transform your life off-your-mat strikes a giant chord with me.”

I share this not to brag, though whenever someone is moved by my work, I’m happy. Rather, I realized something that I should have realized a long time ago: whatever power there is in my work, it’s not through representing myself as I wish to be, but as I am, flaws and all. Take my lovely body for instance. My body is beautiful not because I look like someone you’d see in a magazine, but because she is so intelligent. Really intelligent. When I listen, when I get out of my way, I know pretty much what I need, (More water please. Need a swim today! Avocados. Lovely avocados. Oh no! Life is difficult and I feel unmoored. Time to do standing poses and spread my toes…you get the idea).

It’s this intelligence that makes me respect my embodiment even more. How we are embodied is a giant opportunity to learn something about our soul and our journey. There are no shortcuts. Most people approach the body from the outside in. But for me, it’s the inside out that holds key.

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