Losing Weight – An Inside Job

June 13th, 2011 — 6:00pm

Losing weight is not necessarily easy. Nor is maintaining that weight loss. To do both, I found it necessary to work from the outside in, as well as the inside out.

The outside in has included stepping up my exercise (I do yoga, walk, and lift weights). It also included learning portion control – I found Weight Watchers invaluable for teaching me what a reasonable portion is, and I continue to use their guidelines to keep me on track. I also keep a food log, which helps me accurately know just how much food I’m eating.

The outside in is crucial. But so is working from the inside out. This included examining my history with food, learning to sit with hunger and not freak out, realizing that my yoga practice didn’t end when I stepped off the mat –but continued on into my daily life.

Just like yoga is a practice, eating is a practice. When you do a practice, you are committing your time and attention, your diligence and patience, to whatever it is you are practicing. Like yoga, or writing, or your relationship to food.

The mechanics of losing weight are utterly necessary. They are though, only part of the story. Ultimately, it’s an inside job. And the relationship you have with the food on your plate is only a mirror for the one you have with yourself.

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  1. Noel

    I just finished Ravenous. I loved it and especially resonated with the sentiments in the book that are reflected in this blog post. Eating is also an inside job for me, and one I’ve wrestled with since hitting puberty. I hope to make eating more of a practice and your book has given me some ideas of how to do that. Thank you.

  2. Dayna Macy

    You are so welcome Noel. What helped me is practicing kindness, and taking the long view. It is totally possible to transform, slowly, over time. I wish you all the best.

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