The New Photographers

March 26th, 2009 — 7:39pm

That’s what we called the band, “The New Pornographers,” when we played their music in front of our then very young sons.

Our boys are now nine. They have their own Ipods. And so, driving home from school today while listening to one of the band’s songs, my son Matthew looks at his Ipod and says, “Hey Mom, they ARE the New Pornographers.”

“Whatever do you mean?” I ask innocently.

“I knew something was fishy,” he says. “I always thought their name wasn’t ‘The New Photographers’ — I mean, if it was, they’d have a typo on their CD cover.”

“What’s a “pornographer” his twin brother Jack asks?

“It’s when the paparazzi catch people in bed,” Matthew replies.

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