Ogden — The Inappropriate Yoga Guy

October 3rd, 2008 — 8:19am


I like my job. Especially when it gets wacky and weird.

Avi Rothman, also known as “The Inappropriate Yoga Guy,” was up at the Yoga Journal offices filming his latest yoga installment. The crew shows up. Lights are set up. Makeup applied. As an extra, my job was to sit in staged yoga class watching Ogden come in and come on to my fabulous yoga teacher, Saranna Miller.

Saranna was a great sport, and somehow managed not to crack up during the filming.

The rest of the filming will be today. Ogden will crash an edit meeting, suggest he be the cover model for Yoga Journal, with such cover lines as “Bitchin Yoga,” and Ogden, being Ogden, will come on to anything with legs and a pulse.

The first installment will air on Youtube in about a month. The second installment will air on the Yoga Journal website.

What I love most about this is my company’s willingness to poke good natured fun at the piety we sometimes see in the yoga world. Yoga is serious stuff, and is the foundation of my physical and spiritual practices. But laughter is also the best medicine.

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