The Mountain Goats

March 2nd, 2008 — 9:16pm

Scott and I went to hear The Mountain Goats today at The Bottom of the Hill in SF. Scott’s loved them for years, and though I’ve been a casual listener of their music, what I heard I liked, and sometimes loved.

I loved this show. John Darnielle’s lyrics are literate and complex but unpretentious. He is an extremely generous performer. He shows up for real and gives his all. His music can range from soft and lyrical to rocking and raucous—his lyrics can range from telling stories of being beaten up by his step-father to licking strawberries off of a lover’s body, and in all these songs, he is authentic, powerful, and real.

I went up to their bass player afterwards and told him my husband is in love with their music (and I never use that word lightly when it comes to my husband), and that hearing his band made me understand my husband just a little bit better. That’s the power of great music – it digs deep and connects souls.

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