Obama for President

February 4th, 2008 — 7:29pm

I’ve been waffling on who to vote for in the primaries tomorrow, because, incredibly, we have two pretty great candidates to choose from (did I mention I’m a Democrat?) I think Hillary has the chops, the knowledge, and the steel to be President. But she voted for the Iraq war, and, she comes with lots of baggage and paybacks owed from 30 plus years in politics.

I”m voting for Obama. I believe he is the right person for this chapter of our history. He’s obviously smart, eloquent, and a gifted communicator, but even more, I believe he stands a better chance of winning in a general election.

I remember voting for Kerry in the primaries last time, and feeling bored and uninspired. Both these candidates inspire me. And one happens to be a woman, the other a black man. How stupendous is that?

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