March 27th, 2007 — 5:41pm

I work in San Francisco a couple of days a week for Active Interest Media, which owns Yoga Journal, Vegetarian Times, and other magazines and businesses. For weeks now, I’ve noticed this sweet old lady sitting on the sidewalk with a cup next to her. She wears a kerchief around her head Queen Elizabeth style. She even wears the queens oversized, pale pink, non-descript glasses. She also has the kindest pale blue eyes.

I usually just give her a dollar for which she always thanks me profusively, but today I decided to stop and speak with her.

I asked her if she ‘d like the apple I had in my purse, and she very thanked me. I asked her if I could get her something warm to drink — it was so chilly in the city today. She thanked me but said, “oh no. I ate a bowl of oatmeal this morning at Glide Church and I’m warm and full.”  She seemed genuinely delighted in my interest. Her eyes were sparkly, and I find this hard to believe but she seemed happy.

I asked her name. She said “Sharon”.

I wonder if Sharon has a family. She seems like she’s someone’s mother. I wonder why she eneded up sitting on a street in SF with a cup in her hand. I wonder what her story is.

Perhaps one day, if I’m feeling brave,  I’ll ask her.

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